How You Got Here


We are thrilled that everyone who wears our Swarovski caps, knows they are getting hand crafted art, worthy of the most tastefully dressed women.

Before I created Elivata, I was frustrated – the crystal hats i sold in my swimwear boutique, were poorly made and either overdone or underdone.  my customers complained that the crystals fell off.  the only options I had to choose from were either boring logo hats, or hats with large patches and too many cheap imitation rhinestones.  
 I wanted to offer my customers great quality, tasteful and unique hats that i could guarantee to last through any activity.   I wanted to offer hats that were casual enough to wear to the gym and ball games, but dressy enough for lunch with my girlfriends. 
That is when I decided to start designing my own baseball caps – with my own designs using Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals that I could guarantee to stay on.  I instantly fell in love with my hobby.  I wanted to do it for a living.
When I realized that the industrial embroidery machine I needed to turn my hobby into a business was almost $15,000, I hesitated.
But then, the hats started to sell better than any of the hats from my other suppliers and I realized I was on the right path after all.
I set out to create the most best quality rhinestone baseball caps for the most tasteful women in the country.
It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.
The embroidery machine took 6 months and hours of training to produce quality designs.
To get a good price on materials, I had to purchase in huge quantities that wiped out my entire savings and maxed out my credit cards.
I started selling individual iron-on patches for fast income and practice on the machine. The patch sales were quite successful, and I thought about playing it safe – to switch my focus from hats to patches in an effort to recoup my investment.
I feared investing any more into the hats until I was able to pay down the embroidery materials and machine costs.

Eventually, the dream to make baseball caps  with my own designs could not be crushed.  I took the leap,  and released my first products.   The response has been Life changing.  We had to close my swimwear boutique,  stop selling individual patches  and focus 100% on hats.

The best part?   We are now releasing 4 product lines a year.  I always get my best design ideas from my customers.  If you have a creative idea for a hat design, I would love to hear from you.